“It is my sincere pleasure to support the SHIFT Foundation and their goal of cultivating the world’s next generation of young leaders—those who will be globally aware, culturally sensitive, and prepared to take on an ever-changing world. As a member of their advisory committee, I have been honored to support this unique and innovative organization that views youth as a key resource in addressing the global challenges we face in the world today…. For this I offer my wholehearted support for the SHIFT Foundation’s initiatives and I am truly excited about the impact their programs will surely have in shaping new sustainable leadership solutions for the future”.

– Craig Kielburger, Founder and Chair, Free The Children, Co-Founder, Leaders Today, Nelson Mandela Human Rights Awardee, World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow Awardee, State of the World Forum Awardee, Roosevelt Freedom Medal Awardee – SHIFT Foundation


“By immersing them in second-tier thinking and practices, the SHIFT Foundation is developing the first generation of leaders who will be mentally and technically prepared to realise humanity’s hope for a more balanced, equitable and sustainable world order”.

– Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter, Principal, Harthill, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“Victoria you are doing excellent work”.

– Don Beck, President and CEO, The Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“The SHIFT Foundation is a terrific organisation!”

– Ken Wilber, Integral Institute, USA – SHIFT Foundation


”My work with the SHIFT Foundation has enabled me to deepen my understanding of the contribution I can make in Timor Leste and how I can play a leadership role in supporting the development of the country internationally”.

– Danilo Afonso Henriques, Currently Cultural, Trade and Investment Attaché to China, Embassy of Timor Leste – SHIFT Coaching


“Victoria’s down-to-earth vision, passion, and commitment for leadership ideals are infectious and drawn from experience across an impressive network of organisational contacts”.

– James Porteus, Managing Editor, Ecos Magazine, CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia – SHIFT Foundation


“If you’re not ready to explore, don’t come to The Space.”

– James Spittal, Managing Director, James Spittal Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia – The Space


“I am enormously grateful to the SHIFT Foundation for nominating me for selection into the Waldzell Meetings “Architects of the Future” program and for giving me the opportunity to be part of this very special occasion. The experience at Waldzell provided a real turning point for me and the growth of my organisation, Hua Dan. The SHIFT Foundation is playing a vital role in the development of social entrepreneurship. It is imperative that more and more opportunities are created to support and sustain a group of people that have dedicated their lives to social change, often in extremely challenging environments”.

– Caroline Watson, CEO, Hua Dan, Bejing, China – SHIFT Connect


“The mentoring we received from SHIFT enabled us to grow and develop ourselves as conscious, socially aware entrepreneurs. After deep conversations with Victoria and other young social entrepreneurs involved in SHIFT, the belief in our project and our own unique gifts and capabilities grew tenfold. SHIFT Mentoring provided much needed support and encouragement, especially when dealing with challenging moments in the course of our projects”.

– Chantelle Baxter and David Dixon, Executive Directors, One Girl, Melbourne, Australia – SHIFT Mentoring


“The Space has connected me with so many amazing people, all of whom I am totally in awe of and continually inspired by. The intimate setting creates a learning environment unlike anything I’ve experienced before…”

– David Dixon, Co-Founder, One Girl, Melbourne, Australia – The Space


“I am excited by the SHIFT Foundation’s leadership project because it brings together so much that is cutting edge and useful for developing leadership competence. I’ve not come across another project that offers such a range of skills training as well as tools for helping young leaders build internal and external dimensions of leadership… My excitement brims because the SHIFT Foundation’s commitment to partnering with other entities around the world means that many will benefit”.

– Hafsat Abiola-Costello, Founder of the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND) – SHIFT Foundation


“At last a global leadership organisation of quality for the next generation of leaders – one that I can support unconditionally! Although there are several leadership development programs for emerging leaders available, they are often loosely pulled together and lacking in the professionalism needed for maximum effectiveness. Many teach skills appropriate for the industrial age and the age of sovereign states, but have failed to modernize their methods for the information, networking age of expanded consciousness and global interdependence. SHIFT fulfills a vital need in our newly globalised world. Our young leaders will decide if we create a world for the common good or we continue along the devastating trajectory we are now headed. The need is urgent to train the world’s emerging young leaders for a complex, interdependent global society. SHIFT can do it”.

– Nancy Roof, Ph.D. President, Kosmos Associates Inc. USA – SHIFT Foundation


“I am writing to you to express my strong support for the SHIFT Foundation and the work that you are pioneering. As you know, I have spent the past fifteen years working on helping teams of corporate, government and civil society leaders around the world address their most complex and vital challenges, from the transition away from apartheid in South Africa, to rebuilding after the genocide in Guatemala, to civic regeneration in Houston, to civil service reform in Canada, to reducing child malnutrition in India, to creating sustainable food systems in Europe. The key lesson that this experience has taught me is that we need to grow a new generation of global leaders who have the particular competencies, consciousness and commitment required to address our complex, critical, cross-boundary challenges. For your ambitious, visionary and well-thought-through efforts to support this new generation, I salute you”.

– Adam Kahane, Founding Partner, Reos Partners, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“The World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality and the Global Dialogue Institute join in giving the highest support to the SHIFT Foundation in its vital mission and innovative projects. The SHIFT Foundation is remarkable in its vision and mission and has taken a decisive lead in discerning and focusing upon the planet’s leadership deficit. The Founder has beautifully articulated the urgent need for a shift in consciousness and culture making in one of our great untapped resources, our emerging young global leaders. The SHIFT Foundation in its mission and priority project is in direct alignment with the highest aims of the World Commission and our partner, the World Wisdom Council, in being a catalytic force to help accelerate and usher forth this shift to global consciousness in the life of the people on a planetary scale as humanity moves to a sustainable global culture. We urge all individuals, foundations and corporations who share in this planetary vision to give full support to the SHIFT Foundation in its quest to redress the planet’s leadership deficit through their vital work with our emerging young global leaders”.

– Ashok K. Gangadean, Professor of Chair of Philosophy, Convenor of the World Commission on Global, Consciousness and Spirituality, Co-Chair of the World Wisdom Council, Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute, Haverford College, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“Victoria Wilding has demonstrated her creative and intellectual capacity over the past three years in both the support she has offered me, and in the development and evolution of the SHIFT Foundation. Placing the SHIFT Foundation within an international learning and networking environment would ensure its vision is further accelerated, allowing an unmet need to be addressed strategically, effectively and efficiently. My greatest concern is that the potential to harness the intellect, creativity and passion of this generation will be lost if new models, approaches and strategies are not catalysed soon”.

– Adam Smith, Former CEO, Foundation for Young Australians, Melbourne, Australia – SHIFT Foundation


”Victoria Wilding has been mentoring me for nearly two years. She has worked with me on developing several ideas and projects, assisted me in expanding my business and worked closely and with great care in areas of my personal life that have had an impact on my business, creativity and projects. Two of the projects which Victoria helped me to grow are now being taken further through the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and Victoria remains my mentor. The first is Nourishing Intentions, a program for counsellors, social workers and people working in the fields of crisis and trauma, wherein we honour their intention to serve humanity and offer a program to assist in processing the traumatic material they are exposed to. This program was launched in South Africa in July 2010”.

– Stella Horgan, Founder, Nourishing Intentions and The Enterprise Powerhouse, South Africa – SHIFT Coaching


“I love working with Victoria. Not only is she knowledgeable, she makes me laugh and I always find myself coming away from our meetings feeling both relaxed and inspired. It’s been terrific to find someone who understands the language of the inner landscape and is happy to have a conversation which to anyone listening in might find a bit “mad”. It’s a relief to be able to share with someone that inner world and not to feel so isolated or “strange”. It’s always good to have a companion on the road. What I also love about Victoria is that as mature women we have our conversations from a place of lived experience. The lived experience of being 50+ is quite different from that of 20+. There is a different quality and I appreciate that”.

– Stephanie Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Audacious Dreaming, Melbourne, Australia – SHIFT Mentoring


“Victoria was recently invited to participate in a Global Leadership Network study of transformative change practitioners. It was through this study that I had the pleasure of experiencing her innovative and expansive perspective as she continually stretched the boundaries of this group’s thought. Hers is a rare wisdom that combines global shifting foresight with deep practical experience”.

– Karl Johnson, Director for Executive Education, University of Minnesota, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“Working with Victoria is a powerful and courageous ride into the future of human leadership. She carries a bold yet deep knowing about global convergence and its implications on the broadest level. I’m thrilled to see her continue to frame the conversation and build learning platforms that serve these evolutionary times”.

– Michael Margolis, President and Founder, Get Storied, NY, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“Victoria is a master at tapping into the leader within. Through my work with her, I have been guided along my journey, constantly discovering who I am and what I am here for. I have opened the door to being a truly authentic leader”.

– David Dixon, Co Founder, One Girl, Melbourne, Australia, – SHIFT Coaching/Mentoring


“Victoria has a unique ability to see beyond the surface problems that people experience. Victoria has helped me understand some of the challenges I have faced at a deeper level. Victoria’s process is highly intuitive, and deeply incisive. She gets straight to the heart of what is going on. Victoria is able to mirror what is going on for me, and help me collapse blockages that are holding me back. Each coaching session is very different with Victoria, addressing real and timely issues that I am facing. I have walked away from sessions with Victoria (unsettled at times – don’t say this) with greater clarity and better understanding of the hidden drivers behind what I am facing. I have gained greater confidence and courage in making tough decisions, while coming from a place of deeper compassion. I would recommend Victoria as coach for anyone who is willing to face up to their hidden inner blocks. Victoria is a highly effective coach for people who are willing to really challenge themselves and be challenged, and move to a place of greater effectiveness in life and work”.

– Benny Callaghan, CEO, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Sydney, Australia – SHIFT Coaching


“The SHIFT Foundation is key to the changing of the guard in the world today. The brilliant and profound thinking and doing that informs it can help orchestrate the present whole system transition to ways and means that will enhance life and purpose on our planet in this time. It is education and preparation for new ways of being. It offers both vision and training for creative world making, enhancing human capacity in the light of social complexity. I can think of few other ventures that offer so much to so many”.

– Dr Jean Houston – Director, Foundation for Mind Research, Director, International Institute for Social Artistry, Advisor/Consultant, UNICEF, UNDP and His Holiness The Dalai Lama, USA – SHIFT Foundation


“It becomes important to work with young people to develop (or ‘grow’) future leaders that are capable of dealing with the level of complexity that is required in today’s world. To this end, the critical role the SHIFT Foundation is playing in terms of cultivating a new generation of young leaders with the capacity to apply this new learning when dealing with increasingly complex global challenges becomes central to our future sustainable development”.

– Paul van Schaik – iSchaik Development Associates, International Development Consultant, Founding Member, Integral Institute, Member of the Integral University Sustainability – SHIFT Foundation


“One of the major factors that impress me about the SHIFT Foundation is their mission to inspire and nurture local and international talent within our shores, positioning Australia as a global focal point for cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. The Foundation sees the potential for Australia to become a centre of excellence across a number of fields – an incubator where creative and innovative solutions to our planets major challenges can be discovered. I know of no other organization that has grasped these challenges with such passion, commitment and resolve, and I for one am excited about the prospect of what could be achieved”.

– David Ohana – 2002 Young Australian of the Year for Community Service, Writer/Director, In Memoriam, UN film tribute commemorating the life of Sergio Vieira de Mello, Sydney, Australia – SHIFT Foundation


“It is only once we integrate the interior and exterior dimensions of transformation, development and leadership that we will truly begin to address the many entrenched global challenges facing humanity. I believe that the pioneering approach of the SHIFT Foundation provides an extraordinary opportunity for future world leaders to explore these deeper issues of sustainable development. In bringing together the world’s most provocative thinkers and pioneering practitioners in the fields of human and social development to work with an emerging generation of young leaders, the SHIFT Foundation is playing a key role in the development of a new collective intelligence required to facilitate deeper changes in individuals, cultures and systems”.

– Dr. Maureen Silos – Director, Caribbean Institute, Founding Member, Integral Institute – SHIFT Foundation