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Alischa Ross


Project: YEAH
Y.E.A.H. is empowering young Australians to know what HIV is, and believe they CAN do something about it!YEAH (Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS) began its work in 2005 as the first youth inspired initiative dedicated to engaging & empowering young Australians to understand and respond to the local and global issues of HIV/AIDS. This includes providing the skills & support for young people to know how to make positive choices about protecting their sexual health and the sexual health and wellbeing of others. YEAH’s central mission is facilitating the exchange of information with all young Australians about their sexual health and development, life skills and connectedness in being part of the global response to HIV/AIDS.According to UNAIDS, in 2007 alone there were 33.2 million people living with HIV world wide and 2.5 million new infections. Most young Australians have know idea that more than half of these new HIV infections occurred amongst young people, with sexual transmission accounting for the majority of cases. Globally an issue that unites young Australians with the rest of their peers is their increased vulnerability to HIV through the lack of simple tools and support available to address the basic issues associated with a core part of life; sexual development.

Caroline Watson

Project: Hua Dan

8CarolineWatsonHua Dan harnesses the transformative power of participation in the creative process to inspire the individual to achieve their full spiritual and intellectual potential.

We have a particular focus on “participatory theatre” as a tool to develop life skills of creative thinking, self-esteem, communication, leadership and teamwork. We particularly work with China’s migrant worker population. The organisation also seeks to be a leading pioneer in the way theatre and other artistic processes can be harnessed to develop life and practical skills training through its radically innovative approach, as well as its social enterprise business model.

The project was founded by Hong Kong-born Brit, Caroline Watson, in 2004 in Beijing, China.

Hua Dan has enjoyed many successes since it started in 2004 but we face many challenges in growing our project. Our experience in China has led us to believe that we have a valuable skill-set that would enable us to develop a truly innovative social enterprise business model (as opposed to a more traditional, donor-led charity) to enable greater efficiency and the long-term sustainability of our organisation. However, in China, there is little support for social enterprise and the pioneers helping to grow such projects. Few organisations that support social entrepreneurs currently operate in China, making the development of such projects (and the concept of social enterprise as a whole) extremely difficult. Yet, the needs are huge and, at Hua Dan, we believe we have the tools to build such an organisation, providing we can find the right support.

Sriram Ayer

Project: NalandaWay

9SriramAyerNalandaWay Foundation believes that children have a right to speak in the way the society provides for their learning and emotional needs. We create platforms for children to express themselves through drama, music and films.

Established by Ashoka Fellow Sriram V. Ayer after his personal experience during the 2002 Gujarat communal carnage, it seeks to build bridges in the society through children’s voices.

NalandaWay has produced 47 media productions in Radio, TV, Films, Online with the direct participation of over 3900 children from the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.

The project, which has reached over 10 million people through mainstream media, has been supported by UNICEF, Deutsche Bank, World Vision, Save the Children, CII, ITC, Airtel, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Forbes Marshall and others.