SHIFT Connect

What is SHIFT Connect?

We nominate individuals for selection to participate in the prestigious Waldzell Meetings “Architects of the Future” program held annually in Austria, Europe.

What is the Waldzell Meetings “Architects of the Future” program?

Each year twelve individuals are selected from around the world to participate in the Waldzell Meetings “Architects of the Future” program. The program seeks to support and inspire young people who wish to contribute to making the world a better place with specific projects that make a difference.

The “Architects of the Future” are given an opportunity to receive training, showcase their projects in front of decision makers and sponsors and actively participate in the worldwide “Architects of the Future” community.

Who has been previously selected?

To date we have had six outstanding young leaders from Australia, East Timor, India and China selected to participate in the prestigious Waldzell Meetings “Architects of the Future” program held annually in Austria.

They include:

  • Danilo Afonso Henriques – Vision Timor Leste, Timor Leste
  • Laurent Labourmene – World Institute for Leadership Development, Melbourne, Australia
  • Caroline Watson – Hua Dan, Beijing, China
  • Alischa Ross – YEAH, Melbourne, Australia
  • Sriram Ayer – NalandaWay, Chennai, India
  • Chantelle Baxter – One Girl, Melbourne, Australia

Please click here to see selected profiles.

How are you selected?

To be provided with this opportunity you are approached by the SHIFT Foundation who will submit your nomination and assist you in the preparation of your application.

The opportunity is open to all applicants between the ages of 20 and 40, regardless of gender, nationality, social status, education or religious denomination.

You have demonstrated that you have completed a concrete environmental, social and educational, health-care or communication project.

You have had a minimum of three years experience working on your project.