Our Commitment

Victoria WildingAs Principal of the SHIFT Foundation, Victoria Wilding believes that in order for us to ensure our future sustainability, the way in which we are organised and governed needs to change.

As she says: “All systems are stretched to capacity. We need to work toward a world in which the interests of individuals, corporations and nations are aligned with the interests of the global society as a whole.”

During the past 25 years, Victoria has conducted extensive research and study into adult development across a diverse range of disciplines and cultures throughout North-America, Europe, North-East Asia and Australia where she has held senior roles in business. She has also trained and worked with world-renowned practitioners in leadership development and change.

With a genuine passion for the planet, Victoria views how to manage change as the most complex problem facing the planet. Change can only be achieved by individuals with a systemic understanding of how the world works and the awareness that, both individually and collectively, we must move beyond the limiting analytical models that have created the current crisis.

In Victoria’s words: “First we must see that these limiting mental models have created global problems at the expense of the planetary civilisation as a whole. Second, we must recognise that in order to successfully resolve the complex problems that are threatening the planet, we need to radically enhance our cognitive development”.

“We need to develop higher cognitive capacities that enable us to understand and manipulate the complex, interpenetrating systems that generate the problems. Humanity needs the ability to build mental models of how these complex systems will unfold through time and to use these models to identify optimal actions”.

“We are at a cross roads. What was once familiar is becoming increasingly unfamiliar and unpredictable. There is a pressing need to move at right angles to all that has defined our worldview up to now. The challenge is for us to build resilience and adapt. The price for trial and error is now too high.

“Whether personal or planetary, the need is to be more resourceful in the face of uncertainty-—all stemming from mounting complexity. Whether you lead a nation, a business, a community or a family you are under increasing pressure to apply new capacities to the way you take action in the world.”

“As a young business or social entrepreneur bristling with innovative ideas, a savvy young executive aspiring to lead the corporation of the future or an activist determined to bring about sweeping environmental change, we cannot accomplish these goals without new mental models and enhanced cognitive capacities. These will be essential for successfully navigating these turbulent times”.

“This is a very exciting time in our evolution. I believe that we are at the threshold of a shift in human cognition. A hallmark of this shift is that we are able to purposefully identify what higher capacities are needed. We can then proceed to develop and engineer these capacities in ourselves, remaking our own cognitive “software.”

“If you share this awareness that a shift in our cognitive development will define our future evolution on this planet and you want to be at the forefront, we provide a suite of learning, coaching and mentoring opportunities so that you can develop the capacities required to adapt and lead,” states Victoria Wilding.

The SHIFT methodology is to start small and then grow exponentially. Whatever the rate of spread, the goal is to propagate this work in a viral manner to include everyone who wants to participate.